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Bowel cancer check-up

Cancer of the colon has been the second most common cancer type in women and men within the last years.

However, one positive quality differentiates bowel cancer from other malignant diseases: It is possible to identify and impede it many years before its occurrence, normally about 10 years in advance. This is possible because it develops from benign bowel polyps, and because these polyps can easily be found and removed.

The examination in question (video colonoscopy), when done by a specialist, is nowadays a quick procedure without risks, and absolutely painless.

Should polyps be found - which is the case in about 45 % of 60-year-olds (!) - they can immediately and painlessly be removed during the examination.

In Germany and the rest of Western Europe, as well as in the USA, it is widely recommended to begin with a yearly check-up in form of a colonoscopy from the age of 50. If there are no adverse findings, the examination will be repeated every 8 to10 years - and you will be sure never to fall ill with bowel cancer.

If there are known cases of bowel polyps or bowel cancer within the family, the first examination should take place at the age of 30 because there is an increased genetic risk for this disease.
The examinations mentioned above, such as the video colonoscopy, and if necessary, the endoscopic removal of polyps, are carried out daily in our centre.