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Gastro-intestinal diseases

This is the largest group of diseases in South Europe, measured based on occurrences.

The reflux disease is part of this group, which we take very seriously due to the rapidly increasing number of oesophageal cancer. Additionally all form of gastric diseases, even though the number of serious occurrences has decreased thanks to consequent diagnostics and therapy of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach. Duodenal ulcers are still very frequent – we especially see the acute ulcer bleeding time and again.

The meaning of endoscopic preventive checkups with its goal to detect and remove precursors of colorectal cancer has been made public through most media in the last few years. We perform these preventive checkups in large numbers.

A revolutionary development is the possibility to nowadays swallow a capsule which takes many thousands of pictures of the gastro-intestinal tract in high end quality and which then allows via a recorder to perform a computer supported analysis.

Thanks to 2 opposing cameras, this system produces a near 360 degrees of panoramic picture of each part of the intestine, rather more than previous systems – about 8 times per second.

Therefore this type of capsule endoscopy, which we perform more and more, can provide a real alternative to conventional colonoscopy.