German doctor internal practice in Mallorca
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Cardiovascular diseases

We also examine and treat all cardiovascular diseases: we will take care of your blood pressure adjustment; investigate if dizziness is caused by serious causes or a harmless discomfort; supervise you if you are a heart attack patient, had a bypass or artificial heart valve or if you simply want to get a cause for chest pain.

You can also visit us to get preventive medical checkups: we evaluate your risk profile for heart attacks or strokes, examine cardiac and carotid arteries with the most modern ultrasonic equipment, physical performance testing and substantial blood analyses.

We are also the perfect place for you if you have arterial or venous circulatory disorder in legs (or arms), suffer from varicose veins or peripheral artery occlusive disease, already had thrombosis in your legs and want to get a checkup.

Additional to the ultrasonic machinery (including pW, cW and colour duplex) we offer a digital x-ray machine that can examine all major organic systems.