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The Concept of Internal Specialist Dr. Dietz in Palma de Mallorca


Welcome to the website of Internal Specialist Dr. Dietz


As the leading Centre for diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medicine with international orientation in Majorca I, Dr. med. Andreas Dietz, provide you with accurate diagnoses and treatments of all physical ailments and known diseases; I have also developed individual concepts for one-day check-ups based on the latest medical knowledge for a complete health analysis.
Within the pleasant atmosphere of our centre we give special attention to personal consultations. In addition to the latest technical diagnostic devices and expertise our aim is to satisfy individual and specific needs.


Physician at Palma de Mallorca


All examination programmes begin with a confidential conversation with our internal medicine physician, Dr. Andreas Dietz, about your medical history, your symptoms and the necessary investigation program portrays; should you be interested in a check-up, we will define the scope of the check-up with you and perform the detailed final interview the same afternoon.


All results will be thoroughly explained to you. Should there be any possible sanitary risks, our aim is to inform you of all the preventive possibilities in order to eliminate those risks.


In addition, Internal Specialist Dr. Dietz in Palma de Mallorca offers diagnostics and therapies of gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, endocrinological and many chronic diseases. Of course all endoscopy diagnostics, like colonoscopy and gastroscopy as well as video capsule endoscopy are part of our internal medical examination spectrum. Ultrasonic diagnostics (e.g. of thyroides, all arteries and veins, heart and stomach), ECG, cancer screening and vaccinations are also among the services we offer.


All results and charts will be electronically filed and can be provided both in paper and digital format, in compliance with all data protection laws.